Mini Sabarimala Temple Kanjurmarg Mumbai

Mini Sabarimala Temple located on a hillock  within the precincts of NCH Colony, Kanjurmarg, Mumbai. Mini Sabarimala Temple is the first ancient Ayyappa Temple , a unique one  resemblance to the holy Shrine of Shree Dharma Sasthra at Sabarimala crowning the Western Ghats in Kerala, has been attracting thousands of devotees from all over Mumbai and nearby areas throughout the year, who find solace in the calm, peacefull and divine atmosphere.unlike Sabarimala temple in Kerala .

Mumbai Sabarimala temple is opened for worship through out the year with Usha Pooja,uccha pooja and Attazha pooja along with other routine and special pooja on Tuesday and Friday,for Ganapathy and Devi, we are arranging special Poojas and on every month on the Ayilliyam (Ashlesha) star,we are conducting Noorum palum ( A mixture of Milk,Ghee,Turmeric powder,Pantain and Coconut water) to the Naga Devathas. In addition to the Deities of Shree Ayyappa, Shree ganapathy there is temple for Shree Bhagavati ( bhuvaneshwari ) And Nagadevathas.

In addition to the daily poojas offered to Lord Ayappa, Ganesha, Devi and the Naga devtas, special poojas are performed during the festivals. All important Hindu festivals are celebrated at the temple and special poojas are performed on these days. "Pankuni Uttiram"- the birthday of Shree Ayyappa, Prathista dinam, Vishu(New Year)- April 14, Onam, Ganesh chathurthi, Vijaya Dashami, Deepawali are some of the special festivals. Special poojas are also arranged for Lord Ganesha and Devi on all Tuesdays and Fridays and Ponkala for Devi once in a year. On these days many unmarried girls offer Mangala Suktha Pushpanjali to the wish fulfilling Devi.